Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Sexual Torture of young russian submissive girl

submissive slave Natalia tortureHello guys :) You know today i was thinking about russian girls and tried to imagine how they could look when they have been tortured. really nice picture, i guess :) Young submissive russian slave came to USA and tried to earn some money as a porn model :) that's funny. but first she tried to serv as model with PD in his HardTied Hard and Rough Bondage site. If you don't know anything about this excellent BDSM site you can read Hard Tied review about it. So, this young porn starr was roped in various positions and vibed. She has long long forced orgasm in tight ropes and even her crying can't stop PD from doing his job :) less words - see all gallery and post your comment here :) And if you still interested in viewing more free sexual torture galleries from HardTied you can follow Free Sexual Torture galleries from Hard Tied link. 

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  1. i saw this little russian girl on several others bdsm sites.. good job